Plan for 2020 and finally take back your digital lead flow from the lead aggregation sites.

As more communities sign up for our platform, I’m hearing a similar theme from the senior level executives. “We just assumed we had to put up with having the lead aggregation sites dominating our google searches.”
Well you don’t and you shouldn’t!

Every potential new resident or family advocate will go online to review their options, and your digital footprint is a make or break component in getting that lead. Every executive I speak with says they assumed they had that box checked, their Website was rock solid, they came up in some online searches… what they didn’t realize is they are getting only a small percentage of the potential leads.

As a leader of your organization, it is critical to understand the research process of a prospective new resident or family advocate. Start by performing a simple google search for “assisted living” in your location (local search), or search for the names of your communities online (branded search). It is an eye opener! Then read the online reviews and see the number of third party sites talking about your community. This is real life. It is a critical component in the sales cycle that should not be ignored.

Most leads end up in the lead aggregations sites, where they are given multiple community options, and if all goes well they end up back at your community and you pay the referral fee. It is possible to get those leads first and get more of the leads that were looking for you in the first place. But it takes a multi prong approach of: better shelf space in Google searches, more online reviews in Google, Facebook and Yelp, and robust content and lead generation tools on your Website.

In 2020, it’s time to invest in taking back your digital brand and driving more tours and higher occupancy without paying the lead referral sites!

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