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Goldn Platform Packages

Whatever your communities digital marketing needs, we have a package that is right for you. Get the services you want, and nothing more.


Get The Marketing Dream Team, Without Breaking Your Budget.

When you work with Goldn, you gain access to the experts in the senior digital marketing space. Instead of hiring a full in-house marketing team and outsourcing services to multiple agencies, we do it all at a fraction of the cost. With packages starting at $99/month per location, how much can your community save?

Sample Marketing Department
Monthly FTE
Goldn Package
Web Developer $4,945 X
Graphic Designer $3,755 X
Copywriter $4,078 X
Search Marketing Specialist $3,795 X
Social Media Coordinator $3,302 X
Total Monthly Expense $19,875

$3,990 (10 Locations)

Expected ROI For A Senior Housing Community

Typical Community – 100 Units

  • 83% occupancy rate
  • 40% annual turnover (32 residents)
  • $60,000 average annual revenue per resident
  • Lead aggregation sites generate 8 new residents annually
  • Referral fees average $5,000 per new resident


Expected Results from Goldn

  • Increase occupancy to 87% and generate an additional $240,000 annually
  • Decrease lead aggregation referrals by 50%, and save $20,000 annually

Work With The Experts

With decades of Digital Marketing experience, our team has the industry knowledge to position your communities for success in the future. We will not just work for you, but we will partner with you to provide guidance every step of the way.

Goldn has been very engaged and detail oriented regarding their focus on the quality of our Digital Presence including our websites, reviews and lead generation. We have been really happy with their engagement as well as the quality of their work.

Isaac Dole Founder/CEO Birchwood Healthcare Partners

Working with Goldn allows our properties the opportunity to meet potential new residents more organically than we have in the past. Websites that reflect who we are, and what makes us unique, have helped convert families that are “just looking” into families that want to learn more about us.

Dennis Stamey Founder/Partner Canopy Lifestyles

With so many properties, the Goldn platform makes it easy to maximize our online marketing efforts. With Goldn, we have our own dedicated account managers and search specialists that we work with for every area of our online presence thus allowing us more time to be productive and convert prospects to residents.

Courtney Mathiowitz Director of Marketing Hallkeen Management/Hallkeen Assisted Living